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Thermo wood (Lunawood)

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Thermo-wood (Lunawood)

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Thermo-wood is a heat treated product. This heat treatment process involves only very high temperatures and steam; therefore the end-product is completely natural and chemical-free. The treatment also enhances properties such as ability to maintain size and shape, thermal insulation, decay-resistance, ability to be formed into different shapes, as well as its hygienic properties. Lunawood is one of the leading thermo-wood manufacturing companies in the world and Samik has exclusive rights to import and manufacture forming processing.

│ Company introduction │

Samik Co. Ltd is one of the leading wooden house materials importers and distributors in South Korea.
Samik was established in 1981. In our early years, we mainly focused on manufacturing veneered plywood. Upon recognizing the increasing demand for wooden homes in the Korean market, we began expanding our business to include the importation of a wide range of products needed to build eco-friendly houses.
Our business quickly expanded to include our third distribution center developed in Deokpyung. With a total of 40,000m² devoted to distribution, Samik currently owns the largest distribution center in our business. Samik Co.,Ltd. is not only distributing-eco-friendly building products but also producing them with the knowledge of manufacturing techniques since it's foundation.
Since its founding, our company has always focused on satisfying our customers’ needs and enriching their lives. Using our history and past experiences as a foundation, we will continue to deliver only the best quality products to our customers.

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Thermo wood _Lunawood_

Thermo wood _Lunawood_